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The Virtual CI/SO

Many small and medium sized companies could benefit greatly from the experience and expertise of a Fortune 500 Chief Information (Security or Technology) Officer. But for most companies, having such a position is cost prohibitive and finding such a person is difficult.

Lightwave can fill that need for your business with our Virtual CIO program. We will assign a senior Lightwave consultant to your company. This senior-level professional will generally possess at least 15 years of experience in large enterprise security / privacy roles and will possess professional certifications. They will take the time to learn about your business, attend your meetings, and study the current status of your IT program. Then we will provide your senior officers with solid business recommendations and advice.

Going forward, the Virtual CI/SO will represent your company when dealing with external technology providers as well as oversee the implementation of high-level IT programs.

Not only are the most senior consultants at Lightwave Professional Services assigned to the Virtual CI/SO program, but through this program you have access to the entire collective body of knowledge and experience of our company. You can be assured that you are receiving information from some of the most experienced people in the industry.

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Virtual CISO Services

• Analyze your specific business needs
• Design and present an global IT business plan (risk-focus)
• Represent the company in all technology vendor assessment / decisions
• Attend meetings with corporate senior management (and BOD, if necessary)
• Manage high-level IT decision-making and implementation
• Maintain and evolve the corporate global IT environment to meet business objectives

Lightwave can assist you in your quest to address how to take advantage of a dynamic operating environment while managing risks.

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