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Global IT Security Assessments

In any corporate environment, it is critical to periodically assess the complete infrastructure, research, and analyze any potential weaknesses, and to develop remediation plans.

With the heightened level of sophistication of attacks and increases in the number of hackers, having a strong network security strategy is imperative. Security in any environment is an evolving process, the purpose of which is to ensure the continuity of the network and the systems connected to it. Lightwave’s IT Security Assessments should be an integral part of any enterprise risk and security process.

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Our Extensive Experience :

  • AAA / Authentication, Authorization, Administration Practices
  • Security Infrastructure Design and Configuration
  • Identification Management / HR Management Systems (DBA)
  • Intrusion / Boundary Defense
  • Physical / Logical Security (Including Environmental (highly limited))
  • Human Resource Security Policy Training and Enforcement
  • Business Continuity Planning / Management
  • Vulnerability and Incident Management (includes catastrophic event and extreme bio-hazard incident planning)
  • Site-specific (Eco-environmental) Requirements


  • Comprehensive Physical / Environmental Inspection
  • Examination of Physical / Logical Policy Documentation
  • Personnel Interviews Including Social Engineering
  • Technology / Application Testing
  • Vulnerability Scanning (WAN and Wireless)
  • Large Systems Diagnostic Scripting (CSA UNIX and Windows Scripts)
  • Ad Hoc Probing / Testing

Why Lightwave Professional Services?
Lightwave’s team of highly trained and certified and professional security experts is comprised of individuals who can think like potential intruders, and assess risk like the true security professionals they are. Lightwave professionals understand the implications of taking acceptable risks in order to minimize operational impacts and can offer many solutions to any potential security breach.

The IT security assessment is a formal evaluation of any physical or logical operation for information, information systems, and network security. This process will result in an increase in site awareness of physical and logical security. The Lightwave team members work closely with the on-site client team to review each issue in detail, giving the client a first hand look at the respective strengths and weaknesses of the existing security posture. Even more advantages of an IT Security Assessment are:

  • Provides a completely objective view of site security
  • Increases on-site security personnel awareness of vulnerabilities
  • Validates enterprise and site-specific security documentation
  • Confirms network layouts and current hardware configurations
  • Provides site accreditation – when necessary
  • Confirms security service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Validates standard operating procedures and contingency plans

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