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Enterprise IT Risk Assessments

Lightwave can provide the expertise and best practices required to help your enterprise achieve a strategic approach to IT Risk Management. This strategic approach encompasses a holistic integration of the key factors impacting your enterprise security, availability, performance, and compliance.

A Lightwave IT Risk Assessment will provide an executive-level report of IT risks within your global organization. We consider this the first step on the journey to the optimization your IT risk posture / management, performance, and the costs associated with managing return for risk mitigation dollars spent.

Today’s Challenging Business Environments
Today, global organizations face growing exposure to IT risk as they become increasingly dependent on the non-stop operation of information systems. Even the Board of Directors is concerned about the inherent risk of continuous operations of global IT systems. With IT typically underpinning every business process in the company, typical IT risks include loss of orders or productivity due to downtime. These risks expose companies and their senior management to all manner of liability for security breaches that expose customer data, fines for regulatory violations, and the inability to defend lawsuits due to inadequate record keeping. It should be understood that not all risk comes from an unavoidable event such as a flood or an earthquake. Many IT risks are caused by operational mishaps, inadequate processes, increased regulatory requirements, or other more controllable factors.

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IT Risk Solutions
An IT Risk Assessment from Lightwave combines a set of best practices derived from helping many large and complex organizations confront IT risk in their environments. Because this service requires the highest level of technical and business-related experience, our most experienced consultants are assigned to the task. Our service includes extensive corporate interviews, educational / informational workshops, deep analysis of data and log files, and an executive presentation of findings and strategic / tactical recommendations. In support of Audit Committee and BOD-level requirements, our client executives also receive a report detailing current risks and recommended remediation plans.

This strategic advisory service is the initial step toward the planning and execution of effective IT Risk Management. Following the completion of the IT Risk Assessment, Lightwave’s consultants can help you prioritize and plan risk mitigating strategies, quantify the business impacts of IT risk, design product and service solutions, align IT risks with costs and the associated return on investment. This is a crucial component of the assessment as it helps to provide a foundation for the business to optimize investment, and build a unified capability for managing IT risk across the enterprise.

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Why Lightwave?
Lightwave consultants have worked with a large percentage of the Fortune 1000 and possess an average of 17 years experience as certified providers of IT Risk Management solutions. Our consultants always offer proven methodologies and processes. It is our corporate philosophy to maintain a vendor-neutral position at all time with respect to technologies. We provide deep understanding of IT infrastructure and always strive to help you get the most from your existing IT investments.

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